Entrepreneurship. Tech Revolution. A World Tour
A film by Lorenzo Musiu
World premiere on Feb. 19th

About the Project

F░░king Amazing is a documentary movie about global tech entrepreneurs with great ambitions and countless possibilities to achieve them. Hard workers who execute on ideas they come up with without fear and no boundaries.

In a tour of the world following a startup company, Paymentwall, and interviewing influential entrepreneurs, industry experts, professors from the most prestigious universities and journalists we are discovering complex plots hidden behind huge dreams.

Most people think startups are successful overnight. There is a global technology revolution going on. Showcasing how our lives and our future are being disrupted by developers writing snippets of code, how ideas are conceived and executed around the world by entrepreneurs we want to focus on the challenges, the failures, the struggle and the reasons that stands behind the curtains.


Lorenzo Musiu

is a director from Milan who has a background in TV, music, and fashion movies production. By working with Startup Safary, he has been in touch with the startup scene, meeting Honor Gunday, the CEO of Paymentwall, in 2013. It took 1 year and a half to complete the travel around the world and finish making F░░king Amazing, the movie.
To find out more about Lorenzo’s passion for filmmaking, visit www.lorenzomusiu.com

Nicola Fanari

is a sound engineer and musician who has worked for the biggest music studios in Italy. In collaboration with Luca Fogagnolo, he is responsible for F░░king Amazing’s audio and original soundtrack.
Learn more about his work by visiting www.hikosound.com

Pascal Messmer

is the Director of Photography and Cinematographer of the movie. A very precise and experienced cameraman, Pascal specializes in aerial shots and has his own production company.
Visit his website at www.movik.de